About Us

Lean Experience is committed to assisting our clients to improve the value of their products and services by:

  • working with leadership to develop a clear purpose for the improvement effort
  • working with the workforce to improve processes and develop their skills in continuous improvement
  • encouraging actions that are sustainable – economically, environmentally and socially

Principal >
Alister LeeLean and Green practitioner/facilitator

I am passionate about developing people’s skills to make their work easier. I have learned much and continue to enjoy this journey. The great reward is to see the creativity, teamwork and individual sense of achievement that people get from improving their work processes and having a positive impact on the environment.”

Alister Lee has worked in Australia and the US for over 15 years implementing process improvements. He learned the concepts and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma by working in a variety of operational and senior management roles (CEO) in the automotive industry.  He established Lean Experience in 2006 and has worked with a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mining, services, health, banking & Government.  He is part of the faculty for Lean Enterprise Australia and is qualified as a Master Black Belt in Lean & Six Sigma.

Preserving the environment > We work with organisations to reduce waste & emissions, conserve energy and water, and minimise material and chemical usage.

For our own business, we have developed an environmental action plan using Ecomapping. Our efforts aim to continually improve our impact on the environment and are highlighted by the following actions:

  • Operating a paperless office
  • Reducing energy usage in lighting, heating & cooling, appliances and transport
  • Installing solar panels (1.5kW) and solar hot water
  • Buying “renewable” electricity from utilities
  • Offsetting transport related carbon emissions through direct planting of native trees and indirect purchases of credits
  • Reducing water consumption and using only rainwater collected on-site
  • Recycling to minimise landfill
  • Promoting biodiversity by preserving a remnant stringy bark forest on a 20 acre property in the Adelaide Hills – view property using Google Earth. This property has significant diversity in native plants, animals & birds. Preservation efforts include reduction of invasive weeds, foxes and rabbits.
  • Involved with local communities such as Bush for Life and Friends of Moores Rd.

Network partnersLean Experience is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and has established a network of Lean & Green practitioners around Australia to share ideas and partner in the provision of services.

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